Unlock the Memories: 1930s Path of Progress

Unlock the Memories: 1930s Path of Progress


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Be part of the growing number of Activity Professionals who have discovered the benefits of this multi-sensory activity!

Unlock the Memories provides the most exciting way to enjoy trivia with music, text, and graphics. This fun, engaging, easy to use DVD is not a movie, but a “life experience” activity that stimulates the mind, encourages conversation and interaction, and unlocks the memories.

1930s Path of Progress features an activity script that contains all written words in the show and suggestions to entice conversation. Plus, activity suggestions to enhance enjoyment (ADL’s, cognitive and perceptual tasks, range of motion/strengthening, coordination, memory enhancement, etc).

Simply insert the DVD and follow along with the written script using your pause button on your TV remote to allow time for reminiscing & multi-sensory activities. (Utilization of the pause button is crucial to enhancing the level of interaction and enjoyment.)

1930s Path of Progress topics include, but are not limited to: Items that have changed over the years (i.e. refrigerators, phonograph to the IPOD, 1930s phone to the cell phone), Athlete, Entertainers, Comedians, Architecture, Variety Show Host, Cartoon, Science Fiction Show, and Films.