Gardens for the Senses: Gardening as Therapy

Gardens for the Senses: Gardening as Therapy


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Get Your Team Into Green!

Discover the benefits of a sensory gardening program! You don't even need to have a green thumb - just plant the seeds and reap the rewards that gardening can provide for you and your group.

Imagine a place of healing, a place where everyone can be accepted, where stress can be lost and joy discovered. Hank Bruce describes the garden as a place of renewal and connection with one's true self. He discusses the concept that all gardening is therapy and explores some of the reasons that experiencing the garden strengthens the body, comforts the mind, and inspires the soul. From flowers for lunch to the sounds of the garden, from touch pools to night gardens, this book opens the door to experiential gardening and the role of the garden in the new millennium.

The field of professional horticultural is also examined. The value of horticultural therapy to special populations: developmentally disabled children, the senior population, hospice patients and their caregivers, Alzheimer's patients, prison inmates, abuse victims, the homeless and many others is discussed. This book describes the value of community gardening in an urban setting, why offices and factories are beginning to provide garden breaks, and how professional horticultural therapists can reduce the costs of health maintenance and encourage community cooperation.

How to turn a passive stroll through the garden into an active sensory experience is explored. The author discusses the diversity and harmony of the green community as a metaphor for the human community. Gardens for the Senses: Gardening as Therapy is a why-to garden guide for the 21st century.