WHOGA: Level 2

WHOGA: Level 2


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Keep your group happy and healthy with WHOGA, the gentle, accessible yoga that will get people excited about their daily exercise program.

WHOGA is yoga designed for individuals in wheelchairs or individuals with physical limitations. WHOGA, like yoga, is about bringing balance and awareness to the physical, emotional, and mental body. WHOGA above all is designed to bring about wellness and happiness and is a great opportunity for gentle exercise.

In Level 2, Jeannette leads you through a series of poses and postures that build on the beginning foundation taught in Level 1. Level 2 encourages greater strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination. Mind-body awareness accomplished in Level 1 is further enhanced in the Level 2 WHOGA series. Through instruction in breathing techniques and a guided ocean meditation, Jeannette creates an experience of inner peace and stillness.

Level 2 DVD includes:

• Instructional breathing techniques and intermediate poses

• 10 minute optional meditation

• Separate instructional section for activity and group leaders

Level 2 - 36.14 Minutes
Group Leaders - 4.4 Minutes
Ocean Meditation - 10.22 Minutes