COVID-19 Care Package

All of us at Activity Connection are thinking of you, our members, and our shared customers, the seniors we serve, during this exceptionally challenging time for the profession. Rest assured, our business is ready to continue operations without interruption.

Many of our staff are former activity professionals with experience working in assisted living, skilled nursing, and long-term care settings. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we understand that your community's situation is dynamic and guided by both federal and local health departments and agencies.

Hopefully, you're already a member of our online community and have found plenty of activity programming within our 30+ categories of content to keep the seniors you work with highly engaged. Still, to lend an extra degree of support, we'll continue to provide this Coronavirus Care Package Page with printable activities, hand-selected for individual, and\or small group activities.

We plan to continue adding activities to this page each month, at least through the end of 2020. These activities are free of charge, available to anyone, so we encourage you to please share this page with those you know who may benefit.

Check out the ActivitiesStrong Program Library for more resources and ideas.

Click on the images to download and print these activities that are great for small groups, one-on-ones, or individual engagement.

Health & Fitness

Exercise Video

Regular exercise has never been more important to ensure overall well-being. Stretching is particularly beneficial, so we're excited to offer a stretching routine that can be done seated. "Anti-Aging Dynamic Stretching" was designed with seniors in mind by our friends at Healthwise Exercise TV. We thank them for agreeing to make this video available for free as part of our Care Package page.


Progressive Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is an exercise routine where you relax your body and your mind by progressively tensing up and then relaxing your muscles from head to toe. The technique was first described by Edmund Jacobson in the 1930s and is based on a premise that mental calmness is a natural result of physical relaxation. Throughout the years, Jacobson’s techniques have been modified in many different ways.

Click on the image and print the complete activity for the facilitator.



From Bombay to Mumbai

This learning reminiscence discussion with six senior citizens from Eudora, Missouri, explores a different travel destination each month with things to learn, questions to answer, and a whole lot of fun along the way. This month they are traveling to Mumbai, India, to immerse themselves in the Indian culture.

Click on the image and print everything you need, including the complete discussion activity, a large-print handout, a pictures page, and a sign.


Who, What, When

What Am I? – Elephant

The largest land mammal on Earth, the elephant has held humanity’s imagination for millennia. Read on to discover more about these wonderful and intelligent creatures.

Click on the image and print the complete activity.


What Am I? – Flamingo

People have long been fascinated by flamingos for their colorful feathers, long and lanky frames, and unique ability to balance on one foot.

Click on the image and print the complete activity.


Movies & Stars

Halle Berry

Born August 14, 1966

Halle Berry is an award-winning actress and former beauty queen. She was the first African American to win an Academy Award for Acting in a Leading Role.

Click on the image and print everything you need, including the complete discussion activity for the facilitator, a word search, a pictures page, and a sign.


Window Bubbles

Bubbles never go out of style. No matter your age, there is something about the fleeting beauty of a shimmering bubble that holds universal appeal—especially when the bubbles are larger than a baby elephant. Learn how to make a bubble wand, bubble mix, and the health benefits of making giant bubbles. Tip: You can make bubbles outside and people can watch them through windows.

Click on the image to learn about the health benefits of making giant bubbles and get instructions for making your own bubble wand and solution.


Comforting Prayers

This is a difficult time for us all, made more difficult because we can't participate in some of the activities that so often bring us comfort. We offer these two prayers for your use during the
COVID-19 pandemic, and hope that they will be of help.

Click on the image and print the complete spiritual activity.



Wrapped Bangles

These fun bracelets are fashioned after silk-wrapped bangles from India. Try your hand at crafting your own bangle bracelet wrapped with embroidery floss.

Click on the image and print the complete directions.


Woven Plastic Straw Coaster

Prepare kits to hand out with straws and a cardboard loom so people can make some FUNctional coasters.

Click on the image and print the complete directions.


Fabric Pom-pom Pen

Wrap an ordinary pen with strips of fabric and add a fabric pom-pom topper.

Click on the image and print the complete directions.


Cheery-O Bird Feeders

String Cheerios onto pipe cleaners to make one-minute birdfeeders. Hang the feeders so people can easily see them from their windows.


Makeshift Face Mask

This Makeshift Face Mask, made from paper towels and parchment paper, won't protect you from germs or prevent you from getting a virus. It will help you cover a cough or sneeze and is a good reminder not to touch your face.



These notecards are perfect for those who want to send letters to family and friends, or just to say "hi" to a neighbor down the hall! Download and print these .pdf files, then cut between the designs to create 4 cards per printed sheet.



Tons of Puns

This activity has fun with puns.

Click on the image and print the complete list.



These are some well-known excuses that drivers have reported to the police or their insurance company after being in a car accident.

Click on the image and print the list.


Cranium Crunches

Change a Letter

Make a word into a new word by changing one letter.

Click on the image and print the puzzle.



Determine the relationship between the first two italicized words. Then find the word with a similar relationship to complete the second pair of words.

Click on the image and print the puzzle.


Wacky Wordies

Each of the puzzles provides a visual representation of a common word or phrase. Can you decipher the clues in each puzzle box?

Click on the image and print the puzzle.



Fill in the grid so that all nine columns down, all nine rows across, and all nine 3-by-3 boxes contain the numbers 1 through 9. A number appears in each column, row, or box only once.

Click on the image and print the puzzle.


Cranium Crunches Workbook

Dr. Rob Winningham, nationally recognized author and expert on the aging brain, has partnered with us to bring you Cranium Crunches Workbooks for years. We've prepared a reduced segment of our full workbook for you to enjoy as free activities by downloading and printing this resource.



Español Puzzles



Paint by Numbers






Adult Coloring Pages













Coloring Projects

Pollock Inspired Confetti Painting – New!

Try your hand at "action painting" (a technique perfected by Jackson Pollock) to create an abstract rendition of New Year’s Eve confetti.

Click on the image and print the complete directions.



Draw/Color an Elephant

Draw an elephant in six simple steps. If desired, pencil in some fun designs and color them to make a picture of a painted elephant.

Click on the image and print the complete directions.



Spring Postcard

Use these cheerful, spring postcards to say "Hi" to a neighbor.

Cut out the cards and color the fronts using your favorite medium. Write a special message on the back of the postcard and hand deliver to a friend.

Click on the image and print everything you need. There are black and white cards and also colored examples if you need inspiration.



Finish the Drawing

This drawing project can be adapted for many ability levels. The idea is to draw the missing half of a picture.

Note: Some of the drawings are more challenging than others. To adapt, fill in more of the drawing, leaving just a little to be completed.

You will need:

  • Copies of the unfinished drawings (four different designs)
  • Pencils
  • Markers, colored pencils, or crayons to add color

To finish the drawings:

  1. Select one of the drawings.
  2. Participants use a pencil to fill in the missing parts of the drawing. If needed, use this drawing guide as a reference.
  3. After the drawing is complete, add color. Use the colored examples for reference.



Color Your Own Bookmarks

Print a sheet of bookmarks on card stock and cut them apart along the thin black lines. (There are four different designs.) Color the bookmarks using fine-tipped markers or colored pencils. When you are finished, punch a hole where indicated on the design. Cut a 10" piece of yarn or ribbon, thread it through the hole, and tie a knot.

Note: You do not need to color every little doodle. Instead, color blocks of doodles and let the lines show through. Here is an example of what it might look like.


Short Stories

The Rare Bird – New!

When a penguin is sighted near the North Pole, three characters react very differently to the rare discovery.

Click on the image to read the large-print short story.


The Benevolent Barber

A Short Story by Sheri Barile

In this month’s story, we glimpse a day in the life of Harry Cutter, a small-town Michigan barber who has won the collective heart of his community through his caring and giving nature. He goes above and beyond for his customers, doing everything from selling their homemade jam to finding homes for their litters of kittens. Over the years, his shop has become the place where the lives of his customers intersect and where good things always seem to be happening. It’s Tuesday morning, the beginning of Harry’s workweek, and he is opening his shop for business. Let’s see how his day goes.

Click on the image to read the large-print short story.


Flower Mart Adventure

This seasonal short story takes place at a flower market where the main character, Marian, is entering a bouquet in the "Most Original Arrangement" contest.

Click on the image to read the large-print short story.


Among the Stars

A short story by Ted Boretti

It's the darkest night of April in this short story. A perfect time to head to the observatory for some very special stargazing.

Click on the image to read the large-print short story.


The Laundry Thief

Lucy loves hanging her family's clothes to dry in the sun. But lately, clothes are going missing. And, they all belong to her husband, Trent.

Click on the image to read the large-print short story, "The Laundry Thief."


Lion and Lamb

In this short story, adult siblings reconnect in their hometown during a surprise blizzard. If you have ever been reluctant to leave your comfortable (and warm) home for no-legroom travel, you’ll be able to relate!


Basketball Madness

Even people who aren't sports fans will appreciate this simple but moving short story. It's both a love letter to the game of basketball and an accurate depiction of the emotional roller coaster of watching your team play.