Introducing the Cranium Crunches Workbook


Dr. Rob Winningham, nationally recognized author and expert on the aging brain, has partnered with Activity Connection, the premier online resource for activity professionals, to bring you Cranium Crunches Workbooks.

Featuring over 200 pages of cognitively stimulating activities, including:
  • Trail Making
  • Dot-to-Dot
  • Letter Symbols
  • Alphabet Code
  • Process of Elimination
  • Mini Sudoku
  • Anagrams
  • Junk Drawer Detective
  • Split Words
  • Verb Generation
  • Proper Nouns
  • Rhyming & Language
  • Word Search
  • Mental & Shape Rotation




About the Book

Recent research has shown it is possible to maintain, or even improve, our memory ability in older adulthood. Unfortunately, we have not yet developed a “pill” that permanently improves memory. However, research has demonstrated that a combination of mental stimulation, physical exercise, and social engagement can dramatically reduce the chances of developing memory or cognitive impairment. This workbook will provide you with the knowledge and resources to maximize the cognitive stimulation part of your brain health prescription.

In this workbook, you will find scientifically based information on cognitive stimulation’s ability to maximize memory ability. You will also find cognitive stimulation exercises we call Cranium Crunches that have been designed to target specific areas of the brain and cognitive abilities, such as concentration, finding words, reduction of intrusive thoughts, and making new memories of recent events. The Cranium Crunches have been specifically designed based on research and to target key regions of the brain.




Cranium Crunches Workbooks are sold individually and in packs of 10, 30, and 50 on Please contact us for pricing and payments on odd sized orders in order to receive the price breaks listed below.

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Just click here for a free digital PDF download of the Cranium Crunches Instructor's Manual. Hard copies are included with orders of 10 or more books.


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