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August Daily Activity Signs

Each day of the month is on a separate 8.5" X 11" sheet of paper. Select from two different designs and two different formats – MS Word and Adobe PDF. Review About the Signs to help you make your choice.


August All-Purpose Sign

Many of our subscribers have asked for a monthly sign they can use for other purposes—such as for special announcements, as a sign-up sheet for programs and outings, for daily trivia or daily devotionals, etc.

Click on the image and open the sign. It is in MS Word format.

There is a text box in the center of the sign where you can type a title and other information. You can change the font style and size as with any MS Word file and make the sign your own.

Note: You will find signs on many of the other pages of the site. In particular, check out the Monthly Theme signs.


August Weather Sign

Click on the image and open the sign. It is in MS Word format. Type in the date and the day's weather information, such as expected high and low temperatures, wind, humidity, cloud conditions, etc. You can find this information online at the Weather Channel. (Simply type in your area code.)

You can also change the title and say something like "Our Local Weather," "Let's Weather Together," or "Weather or Not."

If you want, change the title to say "Weekly Forecast" and list the weather for the upcoming week.

Look for a different sign every month.


August Daily Menu

Click on the image to download a daily menu you can customize in Word. Each month’s menu matches the color scheme for the month—so you can add this to your bulletin board and it will go with everything else you put together.


Seasonal Welcome Sign & Card

Many communities like to welcome new people by placing a "welcome sign" on his/her door. Here is one we have designed for you for summer. We will update the sign every season.

Select one of the sizes below and open the file. Type the person's name where indicated. If you want, also add the name of your community or a special message. (Or, delete the text and handwrite a message and the name.) Print and hang the sign on the person's door. It's that simple.

Note: The file is large, so be patient and wait for it to open. Also, make sure your printer is set to "Fit to Page" before printing. Otherwise, part of the poster may be cut off.

Seasonal Welcome Card

If you prefer, welcome new people with a special card. Click on the image and print one we have designed for you. (It is a quarter-fold card, so it will print on one sheet of paper.) Type the person's name on the front of the card and add a personal message inside.


Seasonal All-Purpose Doorknob Sign

This is another great idea from our subscribers. It's a doorknob sign that can be customized and used for special announcements and many other purposes. One subscriber said that the housekeepers at her community wanted something special they could use to leave messages and notes. That's just one possible use. This is our summer design. We will add a new one every season.

Click on the image and open the sign. It is in Adobe PDF format. There is a text box on the front and also on the back of the sign where you can type a message. If you prefer, delete our text and handwrite your message.

Print on card stock or regular paper. (Regular paper works pretty well since it is folded for double thickness.) Cut out along the outside lines. Fold along the center line. (If you're using card stock, trace down the center line with a dull knife to make a crisp fold.) Cut on the angled line in the upper corner and continue to cut around the circle. (Both holes will be cut at once, which will make them line up perfectly.) Glue the two sides together using a glue stick.



Check out our Posters page with posters for major holidays and special events and celebrations. They are available to print in two sizes—8.5" X 11" and 11" X 17".