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Word searches, crosswords, mazes and more

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More August Puzzles

Visit all the pages of our site. Many of the activity ideas include trivia and "puzzling" handouts. Check out the following in particular this month:


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August Puzzles

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles—we’ve got puzzles galore,
Like Word Searches, Crosswords, Junk Drawers, and so much more.
And for an added plus, as you solve them one by one,
You’ll give your brain a workout while you’re having fun.

Tip for Solving Puzzles as a Group Activity

Many of the puzzles are in landscape format and can be shown on a widescreen TV. (If you are unsure how to do this, please see this useful guide for instructions.)

To actually solve a puzzle on a widescreen TV, here are a couple of options:

  • Connect an iPad to a widescreen TV and use a PDF-editing app to write on the puzzle on the iPad. A mirror image of the puzzle will be shown on the television.
  • Connect an iPad to a projector and project the puzzle onto a whiteboard. Use a marker to write on the projected puzzle for everyone to see!

August IQ – a quiz about the month

Famous August Birthdays – word search

Searching for August – word search

Searching for August (Búsqueda de Agosto) – word search

Garage Sale – crossword

Garage Sale (Venta de Garaje) – crossword

Road Trip – crossword

Halle Berry – word search

A Perfect Panini – word search

A Perfect Panini (Un Panini Perfecto) – word search

Bring in the Clowns – word search

Mixed-Up Gemstones – word unscramble

Beautful Birthstones – picture matching

Beautiful Birthstones (Hermosa Piedras de Nacimiento) – picture matching

Matching Soup Cans – picture matching

Rocks Categories – category puzzle

Trail Categories – category puzzle

Word Web – word building

Popsicle Stck Mining – word mining

Home Canning – matching puzzle

Common Endings – fill-in-the-blank

What a “Deal” – fill-in-the-blank

At the Fair – word fit

At the Fair (En la Feria) – word fit

A-Mazing Cactus – easier maze

A-Mazing Paper Boat – challenging maze

Monthly Theme Puzzles

Visitng India – crossword

Indian-Themed Movies – word search

Mixed-Up Indian Food – word unscramble

India – word search

Spelling GOLDEN TEMPLE – crossword


Junk Drawer Detective

Remember those "Where's Waldo" puzzles? Well, searching for something in a junk drawer can be almost as challenging. Below are two puzzle to solve, and the things to look for are in the form of a poem.

Two Options

  1. Click on the images and print copies to pass out. (There is a large picture on the first page of the printout and a poem on the second page.) Then see who can find all of the things mentioned in the poem that are in bold print. We purposely didn't include the answers to the detective puzzles, because true detectives never have mysteries solved for them.
  2. Show the image on your widescreen TV. Then read the poem and pause for the group to locate the items. If you already know how to connect your computer to your TV, great! If you haven't done this before, check out this handy guide, which explains the common ways of connecting a computer to a TV or projector. Unfortunately, this is not something everyone can do, and there may be some wires or cables you will need to acquire. If you run into any problems, you may need to have someone at your facility take a look.

Dog Days Detective

Ice Cream Detective


Easier Pictures

See this month's EZ Does It page for an easier version of "Junk Drawer Detective."



Connect the Dots for Extra Fun!

Click on the image and print the pictures. Follow the directions on each picture to connect the dots and reveal a surprise. One is easy, and the other one is more difficult. Pictures of the solutions are included.

Dot-to-dot pictures are not just for kids. There are adult dot-to-dot books available that are quite challenging. We will be bringing you more pictures in the months to come.

We're all big fans of dot-to-dot.
We don't just like it—
We like it a lot!
And if you think it's silly,
Well, it's not.
Because we're all big fans of dot-to-dot!

Other Ideas:

  1. Before connecting the dots, play a guessing game to see who can guess what the picture will be.
  2. Once the dots are connected, color the picture.
  3. Try making your own dot-to-dot pictures. It's not as easy as it looks!

Picture It – What’s Wrong with This Picture?

“What’s wrong with this picture?” is a common catchphrase. In this literal take on the phrase, try your hand at finding what’s out of place, is unusual, or doesn’t make sense in the pictures.

Click on the image and print everything you need for the activity, including the instructions and pictures.


Indian Jigsaw Puzzle

Click on the image to print this month's jigsaw puzzle. You will find THREE different images (about 2-4mb each)—one straight-line puzzle, one puzzle with traditional puzzle shapes, and an image without lines.


For an easier puzzle, print the blank image (the one without lines) and cut it into a few large pieces. For a more challenging puzzle, cut the blank image into many small pieces or use decorative-edged scissors to make the pieces more difficult to fit together.

Tip: Print the puzzles on 8.5" X 11" card stock paper. For a larger puzzle, enlarge the image on a copy machine. For a heavier puzzle, glue the image onto a piece of poster board. Cut along the lines (using a craft knife) and your puzzle is ready to go.


50 Celebrity Word Searches<br><b>digital download</b>


50 Celebrity Word Searches
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What do Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt, James Dean, and Audrey Hepburn have in common? Yes, they all look really good in a pair of blue jeans. But, in this case, they are also four of the 50 stars featured in our word searches.
50 Assorted Word Searches<br><b>digital download</b>


50 Assorted Word Searches
digital download

Order now and receive a downloadable PDF containing 50 assorted word search puzzles. With your purchase comes the ease and convenience of accessing the materials whenever you need them.