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Other August Parties

Birthday Kit – Things to help you celebrate August birthdays.


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A Taste of India Party

Join us for a party honoring the magnificent culture and colors of India.

Besides “A Taste of India Party,” you might title the event:

  • Mumbai Mixer (formerly Bombay Bash)
  • Colors of India Celebration
  • New Delhi Do
  • Bollywood Party
  • Taj Mahal Tea Party

Advertise your event with a special sign. Type in a title and the specifics. Post your sign in a high-traffic area where everyone will be sure to see it. You might write:

India is known
For its color and flair.
The food is superb,
And there’s music in the air.

So we’re having a party
Full of fun and spice,
And we hope you’ll join us,
’Cause that would be so nice.


As host/hostess, dress in various bright colors. Hostesses might wear a flowing long dress, a saree, or a long skirt with fitted top and sandals. They might also wear jeweled headpieces. The men might wear a long tunic, or a kurta and straight-legged pants with a drawstring waist, and sandals.

Encourage guests to wear colorful clothing. Hostesses and female guests might wear henna temporary tattoos if interested.

As guests arrive, greet them by putting your hands together at chest level, bowing your head, and saying "namaste."

Room Decorations

  • Select several intensely bright or jewel-toned colors for your party's color scheme, such as yellow, fuchsia, purple, orange, and gold accents.
  • Attach one of these gift tags to the party favor. Use our message ("Hope we spiced up your day."), or delete it and add your own.
  • Hang brightly colored fabrics or a few mandala tapestries from all the walls.
  • Hang colorful paper lanterns from the ceiling.
  • Color or paint some of these mandala designs and hang them around the room.
  • Use these paper elephants to make an elephant garland. Cut out the elephant template, punch a hole, and string them on a piece of ribbon. Hang garland vertically from the ceiling.
  • Post travel posters and/or a picture of the Taj Mahal around the room.
  • Place large colorful pillows around the corners of the room.

Table Settings & Centerpiece

  • Make Elephant Ride centerpieces for the tables.
  • Use fuchsia or purple tablecloths with yellow and orange flower petals scattered down the middle for the main serving table.
  • Purchase these small elephants or make DIY ones to place by each food option with the names of each dish clearly printed on a card.
  • Use pink, purple, and orange-colored tablecloths for the guest tables. Add colored flower petals for extra flair.
  • Buy small papier mâché elephants (Remember, trunks up for luck!) and paint them in various colors. Use them for added decoration or as a door prize. (Place a marker under one plate at each table to designate who wins the elephant).
  • Decorate tables with these Stand-Up Peacocks, the national bird of India. This will be this month’s special coloring project.


Possible music to play during the party:


For some menu options that exemplify the “bhojan” (Hindi for “cuisine” or “food”) of India, here are some ideas to delight the palate:

Fun and Games

Party Favors and Prizes

Give each guest a Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar, which is the most popular candy bar in India.

Attach one of these gift tags to the party favor. Use our message ("Hope we spiced up your day."), or delete it and add your own.

Note that according to some sources, the phrase "thank you" is not used the same way in the Indian culture as it is in North America, and in some cases, it's not good manners to thank guests
for attending a party.