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See our Who, What, When page for two more "stars" this month—Herman Melville and Jerry Garcia


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Star of the Month – Halle Berry

Born August 14, 1966

Halle Berry is an award-winning actress and former beauty queen. She was the first African American to win an Academy Award for Acting in a Leading Role.

Click on the image and print everything you need, including the complete discussion activity for the facilitator, a word search, a pictures page, and a sign.

In addition to our activities, you can also download this PDF slide presentation created by to go along with the discussion. See the cover slide for instructions on how to use it. Show it on your widescreen TV.


Indian Movies

In keeping with our Indian Monthly Theme, feature some of the following movies throughout the month.


Tips for Using This Page

This page includes a short summary or biography, quotes, trivia, and other interesting information about movies related to a theme or about a movie star born during the month. You will also find pictures from the movies or of the star and links to a complete list of his/her movies. Here are suggestions for ways to use this page:

Featured Movies of the Month. Wondering what to show? This page will give you ideas for movies to show during the month. Be sure to use the included special sign and Star of the Month pictures to advertise your movies.

Enriched Movie Activities. Use some or all of the information to introduce a movie or to have an after-movie discussion. It is a great way to make movie activities richer and more meaningful.

As a Discussion. Even if you decide not to show any of the suggested films, you can plan a discussion with the information we have provided. We have included pictures to pass around, a brief summary or biography, quotes, trivia, filmography, and other interesting information. There are also "Discussion Breaks" and "Discussion Starters" with interesting questions.

In addition, here are some other suggestions:

  • Use the information for feature articles for your newsletter.
  • Use the trivia and quotes for interesting bulletin board post-its.
  • Use the "Print This Page" button and print out the information. Make copies and place them in your library for independent activities, or use them for one-to-one activities.

Volunteer and Care Staff Activities. Movies are often scheduled in the evenings or on the weekends when activity staff are not around. Giving volunteers or care staff information about the movie star to share during the activity will make them feel like a "star" themselves.

Related Activities and Resources. Does your group want more? If you would like to expand the activity or plan related activities, you will find "Activity Suggestions" and "Sites to See" sections at the end of the page.