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Monthly Theme

Program planning around this month’s theme

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Spicing Up August in India

Besides the Indian festivals Krishna Janmashtami (August 14) and Raksha Bandhan (August 26), August 15 is the anniversary of India’s Independence from Great Britain. Seems like the perfect month to escape to India and explore this intriguing land of mystery known for its spices and diversity.

Begin with the title. How about…

  • Spicing Up August in India
  • Visiting India in August
  • Escape to India in August
  • A Passage to India in August
  • A Vibrant August in India
  • Adventuring to India in August

Design a special sign.

Here are two signs to help you advertise all of your theme-related activities this month. Open one of the files, type in your information, and print.

Select an image or create a mascot to illustrate your theme. In this case, an image of a painted elephant, snake charmer, or the Taj Mahal would be good. Add the image to signs and special announcements to highlight the theme.

Note: Click on the images on this page for a larger version to download. If you are not sure how to download images, check here.

Build your month around the theme.

Begin by visiting our Decorating page, where you will find special bulletin board borders and suggestions for decorating your board.

You will also find an Elephant Ride Centerpiece and ideas for setting up a special display on the Decorating page this month.

Use the special theme calendar on the Calendars page to make your calendars this month.

Finally, visit the following pages for theme-based programs:

In Addition

  • Feature famous people from India, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, and Mother Teresa.
  • Learn how to introduce yourself in Hindi.
  • Plan a Bollywood film festival.
  • Try doing some Bollywood Scarf Dancing.
  • Discuss why cows are sacred in India.

Select Another Theme

Note: You can use all of the activities from our robot theme even if you decide on another overall monthly theme.

To develop your own monthly theme or mini-theme, check out the Monthly Events and Special Days pages.

We hope your August programs will be as diverse and vibrant as the Indian culture.


Getting Into the Theme of Things: 4 CE Hours


Getting Into the Theme of Things: 4 CE Hours

This course is approved by both the NCCAP and the NAAPCC for 4 CE Hours. In this course, we are not only going to give you lots of non-holiday themes to consider using, but also a wide variety of ways to carry them out. Many people avoid themes because they think they create more work. However, themes do not add more ...