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Monthly Gazette

Birthstone, flower and other fun facts about the month

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You can find a mini newspaper for every day of the month on our Daily Chronicles page.


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Fun Facts about the Month of August

(in a mini newsletter)

Click on the links below and print a professional-looking, two-page mini newsletter with fun facts about the month—such as the birthstone, flower of the month, famous birthdays, and other monthly trivia.

Monthly Gazette Options

  • Monthly Gazette (English)
  • Monthly Gazette (Spanish)
  • Monthly Gazette (French)
  • Personalized Birthday Flyer – If you want, replace "Your Special Month" with the person's name (i.e. "Mary's Special Month"). Replace the quote/poem with something about the person. ("This month is extra special because you were born on _______.") Also, the text in the middle colored section on the back of the flyer can be edited and changed. When you are finished, print a copy and send it out in place of a birthday card.