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August 2018 Monthly Events

This is the month we celebrate...

American Adventures Month – American Adventures Month celebrates vacationing in North, Central, and South America. Ask everyone to share their travel photos and perhaps give a "travel talk."

Arrr-gust Begins – August is International Pirate Month. Practice talking like a pirate all month long. Watch one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. During the month, groups get together and raise money for charitable causes. Host a bake sale or craft show with proceeds to benefit a charity of your choosing.

Bargain Lovers Month – Celebrate Bargain Hunting Week (Aug. 6–12), Garage Sale Day (Aug. 11), and Thrift Shop Day (Aug. 17) this month.

Boomers Making a Difference Month – Baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 and are the largest living adult population. Celebrate boomers who have made a difference this month. We also celebrate Boomers Recognition Day (Aug. 17).

Beat the Heat Month – Although the Dog Days end Aug. 11, it's still hot. Keep your cool this month by celebrating Fan Friday (Aug. 17). Cool down with a Sorbet Lemon Bowl and Lemon-Topped Ice Pops. If you are not successful, try solving the "Hot" as Blazes puzzle.

Clown Month (International) – Celebrate with International Clown Week (Aug. 1–7), Clowning Around Day (Aug. 1), and Lucille Ball's birthday (Aug. 6) this month. Visit the Discuss & Recall page for a program about the art of clowning.

Diversity Awareness Month – August is Diversity Awareness Month. Celebrate the differences that make us unique, as well as the similarities that bring us together. Learn about different cultures, perhaps by exploring the Monthly Theme about India. Ask staff or family members to bring in ethnically diverse foods or show movies about different cultures. Play different types of cultural music throughout the month.

Fair Days Month – August is the month for state fairs. More state fairs are held in August than in any other month of the year. Plan "A Fair to Remember" this month, complete with cotton candy, elephant ears, and carousel music. Ask everyone to "play fair" with some carnival games and watch the 1945 movie State Fair. Visit the EZ page for a "Remembering the Fair" reminiscing sensory program.

Family Fun Month – It's time for some Family Fun. Plan a "Family Fun Day." Try playing one of our games from this month's Games page.

Geology and Gemstone Month – Celebrate with Wear Your Birthstone Day (Aug. 2), Carat Day (Aug. 7), "Rock Around the Clock" Day (Aug. 20), and A Gem of a Day (Aug. 25) this month. Check out the Play of the Jewels game from our Games page. For a sensory program, put together a Jewel of a Sensory Kit.

Home Business Month – Invite someone in your area who has a home business to speak this month. If you could start a home business, what would it be?

May Your Reading Be a Haven Month – Sponsored by Haven Books. Celebrate this month from the comfort of your favorite reading chair. There is a short story on our EZ Does It page every month. We also now include a video with voiceover.

Parks Month – Visit your local park this month. Take a Walk in the Park this month. FYI: Parks and Recreation Month is celebrated in July. Go figure!

Pastimes of Colonial Virginia Month – It's a month to discover the music, games, storytelling, and other pastimes of 17th- and 18th-century Virginia. Invite some children to visit and play some colonial games this month.

Read-A-Romance Month – First celebrated in 2013, this month-long celebration urges readers to choose a novel to read from the romance genre. If you don't have the time to read, then Cuddle Up with a Book this month.

Sunflower Month – Plan lots of "sunny" activities this month. Learn more about sunflowers. Plan a "Sunflower Social." Serve a Sunflower Twinkie Cake. Learn more about Kansas, the Sunflower State. Discover Why Sunflowers Follow the Sun. Plan to plant a Sunflower House next year.

Win with Civility Month – Ask everyone to be civil to one another this month. (We know they always are, but this is an excellent excuse to emphasize being kind and courteous.) It's never too late because it's also...


What Will Be Your Legacy Month – It's a time to evaluate past and present actions and make positive changes, if needed, that will impact future generations. It's a good month to start working on a community service project, start a family tree, or write a letter to the younger members of your family extolling wisdom. Get everyone involved with the Lend-a-Hand Community Art project.


Music, Games, Hobbies, Arts & Crafts

American Artist Appreciation Month – We also celebrate American Artists' Day on Andy Warhol's birthday (Aug. 6) this month. Test your knowledge about art with this American Art Quiz.

Kitchen Crafts Month – A gift from the kitchen can be a great way to say "thank you." And since it's also Boomers Making a Difference Month, give something from the kitchen to a baby boomer who has had an impact on their community. Make Gifts in a Jar to give as special gifts this month.

Golf Month – The U.S. Amateur Golf Championship (Aug. 13–19) and the PGA tournament (Aug. 9) are held this month. Feature some golf movies, such as The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005), The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000), or Caddyshack (1980). Plan a "Par-Tee" with a golf theme. Or play the 9-hole Tee Toss game.

Grow a Cactus Month – Cacti are the houseplants of the month. Learn about the many different varieties of cacti, and try to grow one this month. Try finding your way through the A-Mazing Cactus Maze.

Horseshoe Pitching Month – Play a game and share the History of Horseshoe Pitching. If you can find some old horseshoes, try one of these horseshoe crafts.

Merry-Go-Round Music Month – Also known as carousel or calliope music. Play some carousel music and watch the 1956 movie Carousel this month.

Model Sailboat Month – Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World on August 3, 1492. Make a paper boat that floats. Try finding your way through the A-Mazing Paper Boat maze.

Popsicle Stick Crafts Month – Try making an entire town out of craft sticks or mini easels for displaying small photos or place cards for your next party. To keep cool during these hot days, make paper fans with craft sticks. Go Popsicle Stick Mining.

Rock Collectors Month – See if anyone has a rock collection they would like to share. Do you know the difference between a rock and a stone? Purchase a tabletop Zen garden. Make your own Pet Rocks and discuss the idea that made a man a multimillionaire. Or, visit our Crafts page for directions to make a Rock 'n' Bead Photo Holder. Try solving the ROCKS Categories puzzle. Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Round Dancing Month – How much do you know about round dancing?

Sing a Round Month – You have heard of a "sing-along," but what about a "sing-a-round"? See Rounds Resounding Day (Aug. 1).

TP Roll Crafts Month – Try one of these TP Roll Crafts. We also celebrate Toilet Paper Day (Aug. 26) this month.


Clothes & Fashions

Flip-Flops Month – Plan a "Flip-Flop Friday." Decorate Flip-Flops with visiting children. Share The Story Behind Flip-Flops. Plan a party with these great party supplies. Solve the Matching Flip-Flops puzzle.

Sunglasses Month – Have everyone get out their sunglasses and have a "Shady Fashion Show." Go on an outing to check out this year's selection of sunglasses. See if you can find some huge, funny ones. Take pictures of everyone wearing them and post them on your bulletin board, if possible.


Featured Foods

Canning Month – Of course, you "can" reminisce about canning foods from the garden. You can also learn about canning and the history of home canning. Solve the Home Canning puzzles this month.

Catfish Month – Serve catfish and discuss Catfish Facts this month. Check out The Catfish Institute for recipes and more. In the southern United States, noodling (catching catfish with one's bare hands) is sometimes practiced. Learn more about this unusual way to catch catfish.

Corn Dog and Cotton Candy Month – Serve corn dogs and cotton candy this month. Make some Cotton Candy Bars or Cotton Candy Cookies. Share the History of Corn Dogs and the History of Cotton Candy. Also, read How Cotton Candy Is Made.

Eat Dessert First Month – "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first." ~ Ernestine Ulmer. Check out Eat Dessert First!: The Red Hat Society Dessert Cookbook. Be sure to save room for dessert. Check out our Foods & Cooking page for some options.

Goat Cheese Month – Celebrate Goat Cheese Month by learning more about the health benefits of goat cheese.

Kool-Aid Month – We also celebrate Kool-Aid Days (Aug. 11–13) this month.

Lemon Month – It is also Lemon Meringue Pie Day (Aug. 15), Lemonade's Birthday (Aug. 20), and Lemonade Lucy's Day (Aug. 28). Lemon Juice Day (Aug. 29) is also celebrated this month. Make some lemonade. Play a game or two of LEMON Bingo from our Shopping page.

Macadamia Nut Month – Hawaii's commercial plantations, first planted in 1921, remain the principal producers of macadamia nuts. Since Hawaii was admitted to the union on August 21,1959, it just makes sense that this would be Macadamia Nut Month. Share some Macadamia Facts. Try one of these Macadamia Nut Recipes this month. Solve the Spelling Macadamia Nut puzzle. FYI: Another Macadamia Nut Month is celebrated in February.

Melon Month – See Watermelon Day (Aug. 3) and Melon Monday (Aug. 13) for more.

Mustard Month – We also celebrate Cutting the Mustard Day (Aug. 4) this month. Plant some mustard seed this month and see if it grows. If it does, try this mustard greens recipe.

Panini Month – The panini is a sandwich typically served hot or grilled with ciabatta bread. You can get very creative with ingredients while making paninis. Check out these recipes. Serve a variety of paninis for lunch today. Try to find all the words in the A Perfect Panini word search.

Peach Month – Peach Month was first proclaimed by President Reagan in 1982. Celebrate with Peachy Keen Day (August 3).

Pineapple Month – Try one of these pineapple recipes from the Food Network. Try one of these pineapple crafts and grow a pineapple plant. FYI: Another pineapple month (Pear and Pineapple Month) is celebrated in October.

Popsicle Month – Make your own Popsicles, such as these Lemon-Topped Ice Pops.

Trail Mix Month – Celebrate GORP Day (Aug. 14) and Trail Mix Day (Aug. 31) this month. Make the Perfect Trail Mix.


People / Professional Pride

BFF (Best Friends Forever) Month – We also celebrate Girlfriends Day (Aug. 1) and International Friendship Day (Aug. 5) this month. Show one of these Best Friendship Movies. FYI: International Friendship Month is celebrated in February.

Health Unit Coordinators Month – See Health Unit Coordinators Day (Aug. 23) for more.


Focus on Health & Wellness

Cataract Awareness Month – Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Plan a "Keep Your Sight" program with the information from Prevent Blindness America. (FYI: It is also celebrated in June.)

Foot Health Month – Not to be confused with Foot Health Awareness Month, which is celebrated in April. Put your "best foot forward" with a special health and wellness program. Ask a podiatrist to talk about taking care of your feet. Visit the Foot Care-4-U site to learn more about "The Agony of De-Feet." Schedule pedicures and toenail paintings this month.

Happiness Happens Month – The holiday is sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People. They have a fantastic list of possible ways to celebrate the month. For example, join the Happiness Happens Month 31 Day Challenge. Be sure to watch a film that makes you happy or dance to the song "Happy" from Pharrell Williams this month.

Immunization Awareness Month – The goal is to increase awareness about immunizations across our life span, from infancy to the elder years. Check out The History of Vaccines for information about how vaccines are made and other activities. Don't forget your flu shot.

Medical Alert Awareness Month – Are the residents at your community protected with medical alerts?

Psoriasis Awareness Month – Sponsored by the Psoriasis Foundation. Learn more about psoriasis this month.

Relaxation Month and Napping Month – We also celebrate Pamper Yourself Day (Aug. 5), National Relaxation Day (Aug. 15), and Spa Day (Aug. 30) this month. See our Health & Fitness page to learn about the progressive relaxation technique and to try the accompanying exercise routine. Print a copy of this special poster to display this month.

Simplify Your Life Month and Week (first week) – Encourage people to simplify their lives, reduce clutter, and streamline. Discuss ways to do it—such as getting rid of the things you don't need or buying socks that are all the same color, so you don't have to sort for the mates. Read Life Is Too Short. Remind everyone that many people become happier or more content when they simplify their lives. Check out these 13 Ways to Simplify Your Life. Do you agree? How about cleaning out your junk drawer? But before you do, play Junk Drawer Detective.

August Health Holidays from Health Canada

International Health Observances (by month, week, and day)