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Death-Defying Daredevils

In this month’s program learning discussion activity, we’ll take a look at some of the most sensational daredevils over the past century and a half, along with the stunning and death-defying feats they’ve performed.

Click on the image for the complete activity for the facilitator, including pictures and discussion questions.


Hardware Store Shopping Game

Making repairs around the home has been a time-honored responsibility for the man of the house, though many women consider themselves skilled in this area as well. Trips to the hardware store were high on the list of things to do, and often a much-anticipated part of the day—so many gadgets, tools, and other good stuff to choose from. In this game, be the first to mark off all the hardware items on your shopping list.

Click on the image for the complete activity for the facilitator, including large print handouts and calling cards.


Manly Puzzles

More puzzles for the men:


YouTube & You: Men's Edition

Video and group ideas for Men

YouTube videos are great for learning or just for starting a discussion. In order to better meet the needs of the male population, schedule a "YouTube & You: Men's Edition" program with some of the ideas below.

10 of the Most Heavily Guarded Homes on Earth (10:57)

“A man’s home is his castle” is a common saying that gives us insight into how some men feel about their residence. This interesting video delves into the world of high-tech security that puts all of our dead-bolted front doors to shame. A fun look for the king in all of us, the video shows us the Ryongsong Residence in North Korea as well as a house designed to withstand a zombie outbreak, among others.

Discuss security with the group. Did they employ specific techniques to safeguard their own homes over the years? Look at this web page from the experts at to get some tips about easy things everyone can do to protect themselves a bit better. It even includes ways to keep your home safer when you go on vacation and having a home fire defense plan. Another idea is to invite a security guard to join the group to talk about what they do to keep your community safe. Or, arrange for the men to accompany a security guard on one of his rounds before or after the video.


Something Else for the Men

Many of the programs on Activity Connection are popular with the men. For example:

  • Spiritual – Organize a Men's Spiritual Circle.
  • Bingo – Schedule a Boys' Bingo Night. (Good luck trying to keep the ladies away.)
  • Cranium Crunches – Plan a Men's Mental Muscles activity and try some mentally challenging puzzles.
  • Games – Plan a Guys' Game Night.
  • Puzzles – Organize a special group called the Puzzle Pals just for the men.
  • Read & Write – Perhaps the men would enjoy a Men's Reading/Book Review Club.
  • What Am I? – Can the men's group guess the mystery item?

Check out all of the monthly pages for more activities for the men, including music, discussions, and more.


Programming for Men: 4 CE Hours


Programming for Men: 4 CE Hours

This course is approved by both the NCCAP and the NAAPCC for 4 CE Hours.This course provides men’s programming ideas in the following categories:  • Job – career – work-related• Military service• Sports and exercise• Cars• Money – finance &ndash...