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Laughter Exercises

In this interactive learning activity, we explore the role that laughter and fun play in enriching our lives, and learn ways to get more of both. After all, in the words of Charlie Chaplin, “A day without laughter is a day wasted." So, let’s not waste any more time–it’s time to get laughing!

Click on the image and print the complete activity for the facilitator.

In addition to our activities, you can also download this PDF slide presentation created by to go along with the discussion. See the cover slide for instructions
on how to use it. Show it on your widescreen TV.


A.C. Buzzworthy

Activity/recreational professionals are busy as a bee and always buzzing around, so we have created A.C. Buzzworthy.

“Bee” advised that Buzzworthy will become a regular on the site, so look for this busy little bee in future months.

Click on the image and print a large copy that you can post on your bulletin board. Or, download the cartoon and put it in your newsletter or other publications.


Humor: Jest for the Health of It: 4 CE Hours


Humor: Jest for the Health of It: 4 CE Hours

This course is approved by both the NCCAP and the NAAPCC for 4 CE Hours. Humor is good for you, no matter your age. However, as Activity Directors, we often shy away from humor – thinking it is too silly, not “adult appropriate,” or that it might offend. Perhaps we feel uncomfortable presenting humor...