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What's Cookin' in August?

Our recipes are guaranteed to make you want to eat,
So hurry to the kitchen for a sweet or savory treat.
Show off your culinary skills by cooking up a storm,
Then serve it to the hungry crowd, so delish and warm.

Try this month's recipes and check out the "Food for Thought" section below.


Food for Thought – Curry: The Spice of India

Curry is an umbrella term for both a type of spice and a style of dish. Both are associated with India. But is this a truly authentic part of Indian cuisine? Learn more about curry and how to make your own spice mix in this activity.

Click on the image and print the complete discussion activity for the facilitator.


50 No-Bake Recipes<br><b>digital download</b>


50 No-Bake Recipes
digital download

Take a mix of all the senses, whisk in a healthy scoop of purpose, add a dash of cognitive skill-building, and sprinkle generously with conversation and memories. Then, enjoy a delicious sweet or savory snack, such as hazelnut truffles or white bean dip. No oven required.