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Birthday Kit

Everything you need to celebrate birthdays


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Birthday Greeting Card

Click on the image and print a August birthday card. (It is a quarter-fold card, so it will print on one sheet of paper.) Type the name of your "special person" on the front and add a personal message inside. Print as many cards as you need. Fold the cards and deliver them to those people celebrating birthdays this month, including residents, staff, and volunteers.

Blank Birthday Card

Some of our international members have requested a blank card so they can type their own message.

Inside Message:

August Brings Us:

Days that are sunny and hot—
They call them dog days,
But we know they are not.
Because it's your birthday,
We know what is true;
We'll let sleeping dogs lie—
This month's about you.


Matching Envelope

Click on the image and print envelopes to go with your birthday cards and invitations. Print as many as you need. Cut them out, fold, and glue. Here are the directions for making an envelope.


Personal Birthday Flyer

Click on the image and open a special two-page birthday flyer with fun facts about the month. Personalize the flyer by replacing "Your Special Month" with the person's name (e.g., "Mary's Special Month"). Also, if you want, replace the introductory paragraph with something more personal (e.g., "This month is extra special because you were born on ____.") When you are finished, print a copy and send it out in place of a birthday card.


Birthday Door Sign

Click on the image to print a special August birthday sign (8.5" X 11"). Type the person's name and a special message on the front of the sign. Then hang the sign on the person's door. What a nice surprise for your birthday folks.


Birthday Doorknob Card

Click on the image and type the person's name and a personal message on the front. If you want, also add a personal message on the back. (Or, delete our text and handwrite.) Print on card stock or regular paper. (Regular paper works well since it is folded for double thickness.) Cut out along the outside lines. Fold along the center line. (If you're using card stock, trace down the center line with a dull knife to make a crisp fold.) Cut on the angled line in the upper corner and continue to cut around the circle. (Both holes will be cut at once, which will make them line up perfectly.) Glue the two sides together using a glue stick. Hang it on a doorknob on someone's birthday.


Birthday Calendar

Go to our Calendars page and make a special August birthday calendar. Simply type in the birthdays of your residents, staff, volunteers, etc. Post the calendar on your bulletin board this month. Alternatively, place it in a nice frame and stand it on a table in your lobby area.


40" Birthday Banner

Click on the image and print a August birthday banner. Tip: You don't need special banner paper. The banner will print on four 8.5" X 11" sheets of regular computer paper. (Simply glue or tape the sheets together.) For a personalized look, click in the box below the "Happy ___ Birthday" and type in a special message or a list of names that have a birthday in this month. Or, if you prefer you can leave the space blank; then write in your message by hand.

Party Invitation

Click on the image and print a August birthday party invitation. (It is a quarter-fold card, so it will print on one sheet of regular paper.) Type the date, time, and location on the inside. Print copies, fold, and pass them out to all of your invited guests. Use the matching envelope if you want.


Birthday Poem of the Month

Here is an original poem written especially for everyone celebrating a birthday this month:

  • Make a large-print copy of the poem for the facilitator or volunteer to read aloud at the birthday celebration.
  • Display a copy of the poem on the bulletin board for all to see.

Party Place Cards

Click on the image for a sheet of six place cards. Before printing, type six guests' names on the fronts. You can also type names or special messages on the backs of the cards (the program will automatically type upside down). If you prefer, delete our text, print, and handwrite your place cards. Print as many sheets as you need, on heavy card stock paper. Cut out along the outside border, fold along the center, and your place cards are ready for a party.


Birthday Cake Clip Art

Click on the thumbnail, open a picture of a large balloon, and save it to your computer. (If you are not sure how to do this, check here.) Use the balloon clip art to create other birthday signs and/or decorations.

Idea: Print large copies of the balloon and cut them out. Attach a piece of string or ribbon to the bottom like a real balloon. Write the names of people celebrating birthdays during the month on the balloons and arrange them on your bulletin board.


Birthday Song & Lyrics

Special Song

This month’s special song is written to the tune of “Mr. Sandman.” Here are the options:

  • Print copies of the special birthday lyrics. Hand them out and ask guests to sing along. Or, ask some staff members to sing the song during the monthly birthday party.
  • Download the instrumental music to accompany this month’s special birthday song.
  • For those who can’t carry a tune (like many of us), download a recording of the song being sung by our very own Carrie Fairchild with musical accompaniment.

Traditional “Happy Birthday to You”

And for the birthday song we know and love, here are the options:

  • Piano recording of the song – one verse
  • Piano recording of the song – two verses
  • Large-print copy of the lyrics – both verses
  • Recording of Carrie singing the song with piano accompaniment – both verses