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Bingo cards and game Ideas

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Free Printable Bingo Cards

Check out Free Printable Bingo Cards for bingo cards that you can download and print any time you want!

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Bingo Caller

Bingo is just a click away. Our new Bingo Caller replaces the traditional bingo setup (cage, balls, and master board) and allows you to play games with ease. (No more balls falling on the floor!) Display the game on your widescreen television so everyone can see the balls and the master board.

  • Bingo Caller selects numbers at random and calls them out
  • Selected ball displays prominently on the screen
  • Balls automatically scramble between games
  • On-off switch for voice
  • Automatic tracking on the master board
  • Colorful and portable
  • Everything you need to play bingo except for the cards and markers, which are available in our Bingo section below.

Please note: The Bingo Caller requires the use of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in for your browser. If you find that the loading screen stops at 49-50%, you need to enable the Flash Player plug-in. You will find the method for each browser, as well as a check button to see if Flash is enabled, on Adobe's site at the following link—Flash Player Help.

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Namaste! These special bingo cards are a perfect way to celebrate the diverse country of India.

Printing the Cards

Begin by printing up to 40 different cards. For reusable cards, print on heavy card stock and provide plastic or paper markers. For disposable cards, where players use marking pens or bingo daubers to mark their cards, simply print on regular paper.

About the Cards

The B-I-N-G-O across the top of each card has been replaced with I-N-D-I-A. An Indian elephant, a map of India, and a woman dressed in Indian attire adorn the top of the card, and the Taj Mahal is in the center “free” space.

How to Play

  • Use your standard bingo balls and setup.
  • Select one ball at a time and announce the letter and number, substituting I for B, N for I, D for N,
    I for G, and A for O.

    Note: Before the game begins, point out to players that they will need to scan down two columns when “I” numbers are called. Lower numbers (1–15) are in the first I column, and higher numbers (46–60) are in the second I column.

    Tip: Make yourself a “cheat sheet” like the one below for easy reference.

Don't Say "Bingo!"

Instead of “Bingo,” ask players to call out “India” or “Land of Spices” when they think they have a winning card. If players forget and shout “Bingo!” their bingo does not count.

Use your regular bingo markers or print a sheet of ornate Indian design markers for each player. Cut them out along the solid lines, and your markers are ready. For heavier markers, print on heavyweight paper (110 lb.) or card stock. Alternatively, glue the sheets to a piece of poster board. (Spray glue works best.) For thicker markers that are easier to pick up, glue the sheets to foam board or thick cardboard before cutting with a craft knife.

For Prizes

Hand out Marie Gold biscuits, elephant key chains, and elephant picture frames. Another option is Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars because they are popular in India.


Other Bingo Cards and Tools

Other August Bingo Cards to Purchase from the Shopping Page

Check out the following bingo cards from the Shopping page. They are available as a printed set or as a digital download.

August Bingo


GOLF Bingo

Home Run Bingo

Ice Cream Bingo


Lady Bug Bingo


Print Your Own Cards

Use the Free Printable Bingo Cards to make cards anytime you want. Print cards four different ways for different abilities. With your Activity Connection subscription you'll never have to buy bingo cards again! Make seasonal cards with stickers and clip art. Print on colored paper to add a little "color" to the game. Or, simply use the Free Printable Bingo Cards to replenish old, worn-out cards.


Flower Picture<br>Bingo Cards<br><b>digital download</b>


Flower Picture
Bingo Cards
digital download

If you are “bloomin’” crazy about bingo and want to “grow” the game, then these cards are for you. They are perfect for celebrating Flower Power Month, How Does Your Garden Grow? Month, or any flower-themed event. Order now and receive a downloadable PDF file that includes 30 color bingo cards, the deck of calling cards, a tracking sheet, and the instructions. With your purchase comes the ease and convenience of accessing the materials whenever you need them.
SUMMER<br>Bingo Cards<br><b>digital download</b>


Bingo Cards
digital download

Plan a theme event with these fun “SUMMER” bingo cards! Order now and receive a downloadable PDF containing 35 color bingo cards, markers, and instructions. With your purchase comes the ease and convenience of accessing the materials whenever you need them.