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Monthly Theme

Program planning around this month’s theme

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Cruising the Caribbean in June

June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month. So, we are cruisin' on down to the Caribbean for a month filled with tropical programs.

Begin with the title for your monthly theme. Here are some possibilities:

  • Cruising the Caribbean in June
  • Caribbean Dreaming in June
  • Clear Sailing in the Caribbean
  • Island Madness in June
  • Caribbean Island Hopping in June
  • Travelin' to the Tropics in June
  • A Conch Shells and Coconuts Month

Design a special sign.

Here are two different signs to help you advertise all of your theme-related activities this month. Open one of the files, type in your information, and print.


Design a special mascot or logo for your monthly theme.

How about a parrot or a toucan bird? Give it a name and use it to advertise your programs. ("Toucan Tom invites you to __________ .")

Download the images on this page. Go to the Clip Art page for even more theme-related images, including ones without "June."

Note: Click on the images for a larger version to download. If you are not sure how to download images, check here.

Build your month around the theme.

Begin by visiting our Decorating page, where you will find special bulletin board borders and suggestions for arranging your board.

Also, there is a great Coconut Palm Tree Centerpiece on the decorating page.

Next, use the special theme calendar on the Calendars page to make your calendars this month.

Finally, visit these pages on the site for theme-based programs:

  • Bingo & Twists – Play a game or two of OCEAN bingo this month.
  • Brush to Canvas – Make a Decorative Tropical Fish Drawing.
  • Crafter's Cove – Make a Seashore Door Decor.
  • Drama Club – Read and/or perform the short skit "Welcome Aboard." It's about a couple new to cruising. They finds\ out there is more to do on board the cruise ship than ashore at their island destinations.
  • Plants & Animals – Learn more about the lovable dolphin.
  • Travelogue – Take a trip to the Caribbean with Nell and Truman.
  • Puzzles – Try solving some of the theme puzzles.
  • Foods & Cooking – Learn how saltwater taffy is made.
  • Music – It's "Mambo Mania" time.
  • Read & Write – Read and discuss the short story "Smooth Sailing" about a man who spends his vacation time sailing his family's boat through the tropical islands of the Caribbean.
  • What Am I? – I am the Bermuda Triangle. Also, I am a sponge.
  • What Am I? – I am Popyeye.

Don't forget the Clip Art page, where you will always find images related to our monthly theme.

In addition:

Select another theme.

Note: You can use all of the Caribbean activities even if you select another overall monthly theme.

If you decide not to go with our special theme, there are many other ideas to work with this month. For example, if you want a traditional June holidays theme, check out the Father's Day and Flag Day pages.

To develop your own monthly theme or mini-theme, Monthly Events and Special Days have some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


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