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Rain Man

Start your own "Weatherman Club." Below are some possible "rainy" day activities to get the group started.

DYI Rain Gauge

Click on the image and print the complete directions for making a simple rain gauge out of a recycled plastic bottle.

Other Rainy Day Activities

  1. Ask the men to predict how much rain will fall during the month. The man who comes closest gets a prize.
  2. Graph the amount of rainfall over the year on a rainfall chart. To make a chart, take a large piece of paper and draw a grid with 12 columns. Write the names of the months under the columns. Place a ruler along the left side of the chart, make a small mark every 1/2", and draw horizontal lines. To fill in the chart, add up all the rain amounts for the month and color in the graph. Here is a sample rainfall chart.
  3. Compare your current rainfall chart with the average rainfall in your area. Is it a dryer or wetter year?
  4. Share these 10 Facts About Rain.