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Junk Drawer Detective

Search-and-find puzzles

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Junk Drawer Detective

Remember those "Where's Waldo" puzzles? Well, searching for something in a junk drawer can be almost as challenging. Below are two puzzle to solve, and the things to look for are in the form of a poem.

Two Options

  1. Click on the images and print copies to pass out. (There is a large picture on the first page of the printout and a poem on the second page.) Then see who can find all of the things mentioned in the poem that are in bold print. We purposely didn't include the answers to the detective puzzles, because true detectives never have mysteries solved for them.
  2. Show the image on your widescreen TV. Then read the poem and pause for the group to locate the items. If you already know how to connect your computer to your TV, great! If you haven't done this before, check out this handy guide, which explains the common ways of connecting a computer to a TV or projector. Unfortunately, this is not something everyone can do, and there may be some wires or cables you will need to acquire. If you run into any problems, you may need to have someone at your facility take a look.


Please let us know if your clients enjoy "Junk Drawer Detective," and we will add similar ones in future months.

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