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Necktie Exercises

Activity Alert: As with all exercise activities, ensure that healthcare professionals have cleared the members of your group to participate.

Using props can make exercise class interesting and fun. Since June is Men's Month, try doing some exercises with neckties.

Preparations and Setup

  • Gather up some old neckties.
  • Arrange seating so participants have plenty of room to wave their ties around. (The exercises can also be done from a standing position.)
  • Play some background music. Classical music is nice.

Possible Exercises

  1. Wave the necktie up and down in front of your body—first with one hand and then with the other.
  2. Wave the necktie from side to side—first slowly, then rapidly.
  3. Pretend you are painting a wall with long, smooth strokes. Switch and "paint" with the other hand.
  4. Make figure eights in the air. Switch hands.
  5. Draw large circles out in front with the tie.
  6. Hold your arm outstretched to the side and make circles. Try the other side.
  7. Throw the necktie back and forth over your shoulder— first over one shoulder and then over the other.
  8. Circle the tie over your head like a lasso.
  9. Pretend the tie is a whip and snap it forward.
  10. Pretend it is a conductor's wand and wave to the music. Try using a tie in each hand.
  11. Hold the ends of the tie with your hands about 3' apart. Raise your arms up over your head and bend from side to side.
  12. Holding the ends of the tie, raise your arms up over your head and lower the tie down behind your head.
  13. Grab one end of the tie with both hands. Hold your arms straight out in front and slide one arm back to your chest (like pulling back the string on a bow and arrow).
  14. Place your feet in the center of the tie and pull up on the ends.
  15. Wrap the tie around your hand like winding a ball of yarn.
  16. For finger dexterity, tie a loose knot in the center of the necktie and then untie it.
  17. Roll the tie up, beginning with the widest end.
  18. Anything goes—wave the tie freely around your body.

Pass the Tie

Arrange seating in a circle. Give the first person a tie. Ask them to hold one end and snap the other end toward the person next to them, who tries to catch it. Keep going around the circle, passing the tie from one person to another.

Special Thanks: This activity was inspired by Michele at Arbor Terrace in Largo, Florida.