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Bulletin boards, centerpieces and display ideas


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June Bulletin Boards

If you would like to celebrate our Caribbean Monthly Theme, print one of the bulletin board borders below. Add it to the top and/or bottom of your board. (Click on the image, open the file, and print on 8.5" X 11" sheets of paper. Cut out along the outside lines and assemble.)

In addition:

  • Cover your bulletin board with a piece of fabric in light yellow, blue, or sea green.
  • Print your title of the month on a large piece of paper and add it in the center of the board.
  • Go to our Monthly Theme page for some special signs you can use for daily activities and special announcements. Frame all of your signs and calendars by mounting them on colored paper.
  • Add some cutouts of theme-related images from our Clip Art page—palm trees, parrot, coconut, cruise ship, etc.
  • Write the names of your June birthdays on this large pineapple and put it up on your bulletin board.
  • Make a pocket to hold copies of your Newsletters or the Monthly Gazette. Tip: Use a standard pocket folder and cut it in half.
  • Use the special theme calendar on the Calendars page.

Other June Borders

If you prefer, select one of the borders below—perhaps one for Father's Day, Flag Day, Rose Month, or summertime at the beach. Cover the background with a fabric to match one of the colors in the border and add appropriate accents. For example, you might take some real neckties and attach them at the corners of the board, or use an artificial garland of roses across the top of the rose border.