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Programs adapted for Alzheimer’s


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Alzheimer's from Around June

Many of the ideas on Activity Connection are appropriate for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Below are just a few examples from around the site this month. Be sure to check out all of the pages.

  1. Father's Day – Print copies of the Father's Day cards and ask people to fold them. Then, ask someone to deliver the cards to all the men.
  2. Flag Day – Make the "Popsicle Stick Flags" and use them for puzzles.
  3. Flag Day – Talk about the flag and sing "You're a Grand Old Flag."
  4. Humor – Share some Father's Day humor.
  5. Crafts – Make stuffed pillows out of old pajama bottoms. There is no sewing.
  6. Health & Fitness – Do some exercises using neckties.
  7. Art – Try doing the simple, but adult, paint-by-numbers and painting pages.
  8. Who Am I? – See if anyone can guess that it is Popeye.
  9. One-on-One – Use the sewing kit for reminiscing.
  10. Don't forget the Bingo Press, where you can print easier versions of regular bingo cards anytime you want.


An area director of Alzheimer's services for a major company recently wrote to tell us that her communities use almost everything on Activity Connection in their Alzheimer's units. Therefore, be sure to...


Aint Misbehavin or Behavior as Communication: 6 CE Hours


Aint Misbehavin or Behavior as Communication: 6 CE Hours

This course is approved by both the NCCAP and the NAAPCC for 6 CE Hours. Although this course is aimed primarily at understanding behaviors in people with dementia, you may find that the guidelines work for people without cognitive handicaps as well. We all want to be understood, but we cannot always explain ourselves...